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Book Offers Hope for People with Eating Disorders

The Center For Counseling and Health Resources, Inc., and its founder, Dr. Gregg Jantz, aim to assist clients at their Seattle-area facility in overcoming anorexia, bulimia, addictive and compulsive behaviors, depression, and a variety of other conditions that affect emotional health. With a focus on the whole person, the Center offers not only a place of hope, but also a variety of therapeutic strategies designed to put each client back in touch with his or her spiritual values and to develop the strength to rebuild a productive and satisfying life.

As a popular author and the founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Gregg Jantz has appeared as a speaker in a range of media venues, including CNN Headline News and Dr. Phil. His books include Hope, Help & Healing for Eating Disorders, published by WaterBrook Press in 1995 and available in an updated edition.

The book is based on its author’s work with numerous individuals who sought help for eating disorders. It brings a broader vision to discussion of the topic, positing the term “disordered eating,” defined as an unhealthy relationship with food. Instead of keeping food in proper perspective as a means of nutrition, individuals experiencing disordered eating use it as a substitute for love, affection, or personal success.

Healing involves seeing food as an ally in maintaining good health, and moving forward in coping with the inappropriate patterns of behavior that led to disordered eating in the first place.