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AED – Supporting the Advancement of Eating Disorder Treatment

For 30 years, the Center for Counseling and Health Resources has provided clients with treatments for a wide range of traumatic issues, including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Founded by Dr. Gregg Jantz, the Center, regarded as “a place of hope,” belongs to the Academy for Eating Disorders.

The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) is committed to the education, treatment, prevention, and research of eating disorders. Striving to provide professionals and the public with access to the best treatments for eating disorders, the AED provides information by combining expertise from its members on eating disorders. The Academy also promotes the sharing of knowledge through training and publications and supports future eating disorder specialists through scholarships. Each year, the AED hosts an international conference that brings together professionals and researchers from around the world to share information and build connections.

The training opportunities provided by the Academy for Eating Disorders cover a variety of topics. Through its Clinical Teaching Day Workshops, professionals advance their knowledge of treatments while improving their skills. The AED also allows members to access educational programs on early detection and prevention. Through the continued support of its members and the public, the AED supports the advancement of the treatment and prevention of eating disorders around the world.